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When was the last time nyc had 16 or more 90°+ days through july 31


The previous year it happened was in 2011 (also in 2010), and the 16th occurrence was on the same date as this year - 7/30. Including 2020, 23 years have had 16 days of 90+ high by 7/31. All but one of these years was after 1941.

Ken K. in NJ

Is the 67 degrees the warmest low temperature for any month? Or was there an August with a "higher" low? Thanks.


Ken, the reading is the warmest coolest reading of any month.


to answer Ken’s question, yes, the 67° is in fact the warmest “coldest” reading for any calendar month of all time. the previous month with this distinction was in July 2008, when its coldest reading was 66°. the warmest “coldest” reading in June of all time is 58°, which happened in six years, and the warmest “coldest” reading in August of all time is 65°, which happened in 2018, 2005 and 1906.

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