How "Back-Door" Cold Fronts Impact New York's Springtime Weather
May 2021 Weather Recap: Close to Average Temperature & Rainfall Despite Very Chilly & Wet End

April 2021 Weather Recap: Above Average Temperatures, Below Average Rainfall.


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April 2021 featured ten days with highs of 70° or warmer, the first time April reported this many since 2010, and just the tenth time overall.   (The average number of these mild days in April is six.)  This above average number of warm days resulted in the month's average high being 2.5 degrees milder than average (its average low was 0.7 degrees above average).  Of the ten Aprils with ten or more highs of 70° or warmer, just four rank among the ten mildest Aprils.  This April ranked 22nd (out of 153). 


Chart - aprils with 10+ 70-deg highs

The month's  coldest temperature was 28° (on 4/2), which was the coldest reading in April in five years.  And although this April was significantly milder than April 2020 (which was 2.7 degrees colder than average), its coldest temperature was eight degrees colder.  The warmest reading was 85°, which is close to what the warmest reading in April has averaged since 2000 (last April was an exception, with a mildest reading of just 68°).  This reading came five weeks after the year's first reading in the 80s (82° on 3/26), and it was the warmest reading since Sept. 5.  


The month's warmest reading was on 4/28, but the most above-average period of the month was the seven days between April 4 and 10, when temperatures were eight degrees above average (high/low of 68°/49°).  In total, the month had twelve days that were five degrees or more above average, and five that were five degrees or more below average.  


Another highlight of the month occurred on 4/8 when the humidity dropped to 7% during the afternoon - the second lowest level this century.  Finally, April's rainfall of 2.69" was nearly two inches below average.  All but 0.05" fell between 4/11 and 4/30.


Here are April recaps of the past five years:






 Park avenue in the spring


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I would like to label the week of April 4-10 as the “perfect week” because every day of the week had an abundance of beautiful blue skies and warm temperatures. If every day of a week has clear skies and warmer than average temperatures, it is a true blessing whenever it happens. The warm weather during the last third of March and the first week of April contributed to an early bloom on the trees.

If May has warmer than average weather, then this will be the sixth spring this century so far in which all three months (March, April, May) were above average. The springs this century that have met this condition are 2004, 2006, 2010, 2012, and 2016.


this was the first March-April combination since 2016, and only the sixth March-April combination overall, with at least seventeen days to have a high of 68° or warmer in these two months combined. all six of these years have happened since 1921.

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