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January 2022 Weather Recap - Coldest in 7 Years, Snowiest in 6


Winter cold and snow


After a December that was the third mildest on record, the first two days of January 2022 saw a continuation of these mild conditions, with highs of 56° and 59°.  Then the jet stream shifted, winter-like conditions arrived, and the month became the coldest January since 2015.  At 3.4 degrees colder than average, it was the most below average of any month in more than two years, since November 2019 (which was 4.1 degrees below average).  Subtracting the first two days of the month, which were 16 degrees milder than average, the rest of January was 4.5 degrees below average. 


Besides cold temperatures, snowfall was also above average, with 15.3" measured (after just 0.2" fell in December); most of it was produced by two snowstorms, as 5.8" fell on Jan. 7, and 8.3" was measured on Jan. 28-29.  This was the snowiest January since 2016 (which is the second snowiest January), and tied for 20th snowiest January overall.  Its snowfall was greater than the combined amount of the three preceding Januarys (5.5").


Chart - big jan snow after little in dec

January was 13.5 degrees colder than December.  Only three other Januarys have had a bigger drop in  temperature from December: Jan. 2016, Jan. 1912, and Jan. 1985.  (On average, January is five or six degrees colder than December.)


Chart - jan vs dec temperatures

January's average low of 23.5° was 4.4 degrees colder than average, while the high was 2.4 degrees colder.  January's average high of 37.1° was 1.2 degrees colder than December's average lowThe coldest reading was 10° on 1/15 and on 1/16.  The coldest day (based on mean temperature), was on 1/15, when the high/low was 21°/10° (17 degrees colder than average).  Overall, there were 12 days that were 8 degrees or more below average; half of them were 12 or more degrees below average.  


Finally, 11 days had highs of 32° or colder, including the last six days of the month, the longest streak since one of 14 days during the winter of 2017-18.  This streak's average high/low was 30°/19° (nine degrees below average).


Here are previous January recaps since 2014 (there was no recap published for Jan. 2016).













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this was the first January since 2004, the fifth January of the past one hundred years and only the ninth January overall, in which the last six days of the month all had a high of 32° or colder.


Rob - please check the prior month links (e.g. 2015, 2018). Thanks


Thanks, Gerry, I think I fixed one of the links, but a few others are still giving me trouble.


if this month had no measurable snow, 2021-2022 would have been the least snowy season ever with 2.6", two tenths of an inch less than the 1972-1973 season (Dec. 2021 had 0.2", Feb. 2022 had 2" and Mar. 2022 had 0.4"). among the 45 seasons with less than 19" of snow, this was one of only three seasons to have a January with ten or more inches of snow. Jan. 1954 had 12.7" while the entire season had 15.8". Jan. 1971 had 11.4" while the entire season had 15.5".

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