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September 2022 Weather Recap: Largely Uneventful


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September 2022 had close to average temperatures (+0.3 degrees) and rainfall that was just slightly below average (4.10").   Through 9/22 temperatures were two degrees above average, but then the following eight days were four degrees cooler than average.  11 days had mean temperatures that were very close to average (i.e., between one degree below and one degree above average), the most of any month since September 2016.  The month's biggest daily rainfall, 1.11" on 9/25, poured down in a little less than an hour.  (Ironically, 9/25 is one of the least likely dates of the year to report measurable rain.)


The spread between the month's coolest (49° on 9/24) and hottest readings (90° on 9/4) was 41 degrees, the widest spread in September since 2015.   Although the hottest and chilliest readings were 20 days apart, the days with the most above average and most below average mean temperatures were just four days apart (9/19, with a high/low of 85°/68° was nine degrees above average; 9/23, with a high/low of 63°/51°, was ten degrees below average).


The 90° reading on 9/4 was the 25th reading of 90+ of the year, making 2022 the 20th year with 25 or more (all since 1936).  Of these years, 2022's hot readings were "coolest", with an average of 91.8° (0.1 degree cooler than 1959, which had 27 days in the 90s).


Finally, what was likely the last low of 70° this year  occurred on 9/5.  The last time this occurrence was so early was in 2014.  (FYI, a low in the 70s in October has occurred in nine years since 1869.)  In total, 2022 had 50 days with lows of 70+; only eleven other years have had more (the most was 61 in 1906, and 60 in 2005).  


Here are are weather recaps from eight previous Septembers:











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At the beginning of the month, it looked like September could be warmer then June, but given the last 8 days I was surprised it was even above average.


Also, the average low was 0.1 degrees below average. However, this is balenced out by the average high being 0.7 above.The mean max for September was 1 degree above average, and the mean min was 1 degree below.


this was only the second September, after 1947, with no reading of 61° or colder in the first half of the month. this month had five days with a low of 62°. this tied 1960 and 2003 as the September with the most ever lows of 62°. May through September of this year had ten combined days with a low of 62°. this was the most in these five months combined since 1986, when there eleven days with a low of 62°. the last nine days of this month had no lows of 60° or warmer. only ten previous Septembers since 1950 have also had this distinction, most recently in 1996 and 2013.

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