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May 2023

Recap of April 2023: 2nd Mildest, 7th Wettest


April showers


April 2023 was 3.9 degrees above average and rainfall was about three and a half  inches above the norm, making the month the second mildest and seventh wettest April on record. 


After temperatures nine degrees milder than average occurred in the first two-and-a-half weeks of the month (including back-to-back days in the 90s), the last week of the month was five degrees below average.  This cool period is what prevented April from becoming the mildest on record (finishing 0.3 degrees behind April 2010).


As for rainfall, despite the first three weeks of April receiving just 0.40”, which was the least amount of rain thru 4/21 since April 1968, incredibly, the month became one of the wettest Aprils as 7.30" of rain fell in the last nine days of the month.  This rain came from three storm systems that each produced more than two inches of rain:  2.19” on 4/22-23; 2.79” on 4/28-29; and 2.32” on 4/30.  


April 13 and 14 had highs of 90° and 91°, respectively.  Only three other Aprils have had 90s on earlier dates: April 7, 2010; April 8, 1991; and April 12, 1977.  This was the 13th April to have highs in the 90s and the sixth with two or more (the most is three in 1976 and 2002).


The low of 70° on the morning of 4/14 has the distinction of being the earliest reading of 70+ on record.


The month’s chilliest reading was 37°.  Only four other Aprils have had their chilliest reading above that (last April was one of them; mildest is 42° in 1878); five other Aprils also had a chilliest reading of 37°.


Finally, the six-days between 4/11 and 4/16 were all ten degrees or more above average, with the three-day period of 4/12-14 being 25 degrees above average.  Meanwhile, the last week of April had below average temperatures each day - the longest streak of below average temperatures since December.


Chart - 5 mildest aprils


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